Analytical chemistry MCQs with answers

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Top 10 Analytical chemistry MCQs with answers

1. _____________ containing food supplies Nitrogen in our body.





2. What type of method is the spectroscopic technique?

 a.Instrumental methods

 b.Radioactive methods

 c.Gravimetric method

 d.Titrimetric method

3. The process of making an orderly crystalline structure of proteins and inorganic minerals in tissues as diverse as bones and teeth in vertebrates, eggshell in aves and reptiles, and hard tissues in molluscs is known as ___________ .

 a.Wet ashing

 b.Dry ashing

 c.Microwave digestion


4. When do we use Buffer Solution?

 a.To make the solution basic

 b.To make the solution acidic

 c.To prevent solution’s pH change

 d.None of the above

5. What type of indicator is Chlorophenol Red?

 a.Redox indicator

 b.Colorimetric indicator

 c.Adsorption indicator

 d.Radioactive indicator

6. What is the colour of the Phenolsulfonphthalein indicator at pH 7.0?





7. Why does the colour of [Fe(SCN)]2+ solution appear red?

 (a)Complex add red radiation to solvent.

 (b)Absorbs in the complementary green region and transmit red component.

 (c)Absorbs in the red region.

 (d)None of the above.

8. What is the correct statement for ‘reducing agent’?

 (a)It has a higher oxidation state.

 (b)It withdraws electrons.

 (c)It reduces oxidising agents by donating electrons.

 (d)It gets reduced itself in the redox reaction.

9. Fill in the blanks with the suitable option given below:

In photosynthesis reaction water is oxidised into ____________ .





10. What is the potential value of standard hydrogen electrode (SHE) at 298K?





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