MCQs on Research Process with answers

MCQs on Research Process: In this blog post, we have written important multiple choice questions on Research Process. These MCQs are very needful for exams like Ph.D. Entrance, various academic tests, etc; MCQs on Research Process 1. What is/are the distinctive features of Development Studies?  a. Improve people’s lives  b. Addressing local and global inequality- … Read more

Research methodology MCQ for Ph.D. entrance exam

In this blog post, we have given research methodology MCQs that are useful for the Ph.D. entrance exam. More, Research Methodology MCQ with answers Research methodology MCQs 1. The purpose of correlation research is to:  study the relationship between two or more than two variables  predict the criterion variable on the basis of predictor variable … Read more

Research Methodology MCQ with answers

Top Research Methodology MCQ with answers: Research Methodology involves studying the methods used in your field and the theories or principles behind them, in order to develop an approach that matches your objectives. In this blog post, we have layout Multiple choice questions on Research Methodology. Answers to these MCQs are given. More, Research Methodology MCQ with answers … Read more