Indian History MCQs with answers

Indian History MCQs: Free multiple-choice questions on Indian history with answers. The answers are bold.

These Indian History quizzes are useful for classes 11th, 12th, and other competitive exams (UPSC, SSC, PSC, etc;).

Indian History MCQs

1. A historian uses many checks and balances to reach the truth in history. Which one of the following tools does not help him to achieve it?

 Read texts

 Follow clues

 Cross evidence

 Hear stories

2. After Independence, a new trend in history writing took place which did not include one of the following-

 Shift towards the writing of non-political history

 There was a greater emphasis on society and economy

They did not lay any emphasis on the means of production

 Political history was laid more emphasis upon by the historians

3. In which one of the texts written in ancient India were the four different ages called Krita, Treita, Dvapara and Kaliyuga mentioned.





4. One of the following works were not written by Kalidasa who lived during the Gupta period-





5. The Mauryan king Ashoka was the first person to issue one of the following-




 Granting lands

6. The earliest South India literature was called-





7. The first systematic history of ancient India was written by which one of the following foreign writers?

 Vincent Smith

 Max Mueller



8. What did the Indian scholars especially those who had received a Western education and were upset about the way the British were presenting Indian history not do?

 Some of them took upon themselves the task of re-writing Indian History

 Reconstructed Indian social and political history

 Attacked some social evils like child marriage and caste system

 Accepted the ideas put forward by the British historians on Indian history

9. Which one of the following contains stories about the previous births of the Buddha? 





10. Which one of the following visitors to India describes the glory of Nalanda University during his time?



Hsuan Tsang


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11. Identify two major religions which arose in Ancient India which had their origins in the middle Gangetic  Plains

 Jainism and Zorastrianism

 Jainism and Buddhism

 Buddhism and Brahmanic religion

Brahmanic religion and Jainism

12. One of the following passes helped in trading with the people of Rome in ancient times.

 Khyber Pass

 Bolan Pass

 Palghat Pass

 Gomel Pass

13. The Himalayas are the worlds largest and the highest mountain ranges, but one of the following statements is not correct about them-

 They protected us from the cold, icy winds coming from the North

 They stopped the monsoon winds from the sea which gives us rainfall

 They helped us in developing cultural contacts with Central Asia, China, and Tibet

No invader ever dared to cross the Himalayas to come inside the country

14. The Neolithic culture did not have one of the following characteristics-

 Beginning of agricultural activities

 Domestication of animals

 Grinding and polishing of stone tools that had sharp edges

 Chalcolithic weapons

15. The Neolithic period in history should not be considered a revolution but an evolution because of which one of the following reasons-

 Use of sharp and polished tools

 The emergence of settled agricultural communities

 They produced pottery for the storage of grains

 Most developments came from the Mesolithic period itself and moved to the Neolithic period

16. The Pleistocene period is the geological period is the age when the earth was covered with

 Ice and had cold weather

 Grass and tropical weather

 Snow and semi-tropical weather

 Shrubs and lichens and had tropical weather

17. The advent of agriculture brought many changes in the life of the people in the Neolithic period except one of the following –

 People cultivated various types of crops.

 Agriculture gave an impetus to the domestication of animals

 Manufactured pottery to store grains

 Agriculture created conditions that helped in the growth of towns in this period.

18. The food producer of the Neolithic period was-

 Hunter gather in the Paleolithic stage

 He continued to be a hunter-gather in the Mesolithic age

By the Neolithic period, he could cultivate crops and domesticate animals

 He learned to settle down comfortably in houses made of bricks

19. The rock paintings of this period depict many aspects of the lives of the Mesolithic people in those times except one

 Paintings are made on the walls of the rock shelters

 They throw light on the social and economic life of the people

 The main subjects of the painting are hunting, fishing, food gathering.

 Hunting scenes suggest people lived in large groups so that they could go hunting together.

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