Business environment MCQ for class 12, entrance exams

Business environment MCQ: In this blog post, we have provided Business environment MCQ with answers. These multiple-choice questions are useful for classes 11, 12, and other entrance exams.

Business environment MCQ

1. Which of the following is not an ethical practice?

 Providing fair wages to workers

 Black marketing

 Sell products with the correct measurement

 Prompt payment of taxes by business

2. Identify ethical practices in business from the following

 Sale of duplicate goods

 Honesty in dealing with consumers

 Selling adulterated food

 Exploitation of workers

3. Fiscal policy does not cover :

 Public Expenditure


 Public debt

Political Expediency

4. Economic policies do not include

 Industrial policy

 Fiscal policy

Social policy

 Monetary policy

5. Economic system does not include :

 Capitalist Economy

 Socialist Economy

 Barter Economy

 Mixed Economy

6. Foreign investment policy includes:

 Regulating the inflow of foreign investment

 Monetary policy

 Exim policy

 Public debt

7. Recent developments in the Indian Economy does not include:





8. Business has social responsibility because of:

 Political Awareness

Social Awareness

 Fashion Awareness

 None of the above

9. Which of the following is not a cause of environmental pollution?

 Cloud pollution

 Air pollution

 Water pollution

 Land pollution

10. Legal environment does not include:

 Industrial Disputes Act

 The Factories Act

 Payment of Gratuity Act

 Social Gatherings

11. In online buying the buyer drops the items selected in a:

 Gift cards

 Shopping box

 Shopping cart


12. Name the act of protecting information by transforming it into an unreadable form




 None of the above

13. Plastic card is a common name for:

 Digital cash

 Debit/Credit card


 None of the above

14. Business interaction between a wholesaler and a retailer is known as




 None of the above

15. WWW stands for:

 World Wide Web

 World World Web

 Wide Web World

 Web World Wide

16. ATM stands for:

 Automated Teller Machine

 Automatic Teller Machine

 Any Time Money

 None of the above

17. PIN stands for:

 Post Identification Number

 Personal Index Number

 Personal Identification Number

 None of the above

18. Which of the following is not a new trend in the banking sector?


 Internet banking


Token system

19. Which of the following is a limitation of e-Commerce/e-Business?

 Convenience to customers

 Saves time and cost

 Wider Accessibility

 Lacks personal touch with consumers

20. …… means outsourcing services that require the expertise of higher order.




 None of the above

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