Geography MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) with answers

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Geography MCQ with answers

1. The first complete Census was conducted only in:





2. The state of Maharashtra, Bihar, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh along with Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Gujarat, together account for about _______ of the total population of the country.

 78 per cent

 73 per cent

 76 per cent

 75 per cent

3. What is India’s population density?

 283 persons per square km

 382 persons per square km

 284 persons per square km

 384 persons per square km

4. The state with the largest share of population in India is:



 West Bengal

 Uttar Pradesh

5. Which of the following Union Territories have very low density of population?


 Daman Diu

 Lakshadweep islands

 Andaman and Nicobar islands

6. Growth of population is the change in the number of people living in a particular area.



7. The annual growth rate of India’s population as per 2011 census, is:

 1.70 percent

 1.64 percent

 1.84 percent

 2.79 percent

8. The period from 1901-1921 is referred to as a period of:

 Steady phase of growth of India’s population

 Declining phase of growth of India’s population

 Stagnant or stationary phase of growth of India’s population

 Explosive  phase of growth of India’s population

9. The highest fall in the decadal percentage growth rates during 2001-2011 among the six most populous States was registered in:

 Andhra Pradesh



 Tamil Nadu

10. Which of the following states has registered some increase in population growth rate during 2001-2011 over the previous decade?

 Uttar Pradesh

 Madhya Pradesh

 Tamil Nadu


11. Which state experienced the lowest decadal growth rate among the following states as per 2011 census?



 Uttar Pradesh


12. At present the share of adolescents i.e., up to the age group of 10-19 years is about what percent of the total population (2011)?

 29.9 per cent

 30.9 per cent

 20.9 per cent

 25.9 per cent

13. The National Youth Policy (NYP–2014) has defined ‘youth’ as persons in the age group of:

 17–29 years

 10–29 years

 15–29 years

 14–29 years

14. Both the languages of the Nishada and Aryan families are spoken outside India.



15. In the context of modern India, there are about 24 scheduled languages and a number of non-scheduled languages.



16. The largest language family in India is:




 Indo – European

17. In India about what percent of its total population lives in village (2011)?





18. India has 640,867 villages according to the Census 2011 out of which 597,608 are inhabited villages. What is the percentage?

 90.2 per cent

 92.2 per cent

 93.2 per cent

 94.2 per cent

19. Among the Union Territories, which has largest proportion of rural population as per 2011 census?

 Dadra and Nagar Haveli


 Andaman and Nicobar


20. The Muslims form majority in which of the following areas?

 Kashmir valley and Lakshadweep

 Kashmir valley and Puduchchery

 Uttar Pradesh and Lakshadweep

 West Bengal and Puduchchery

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