MCQs on Research Process with answers

MCQs on Research Process: In this blog post, we have written important multiple choice questions on Research Process. These MCQs are very needful for exams like Ph.D. Entrance, various academic tests, etc;

MCQs on Research Process

1. What is/are the distinctive features of Development Studies?

 a. Improve people’s lives

 b. Addressing local and global inequality- particularly gender inequality

 c. Both (a) & (b)

 d. None of the above

2.            The working partners in doing development research includes:

 a.           Government ministries

 b.           Educational Institutions

 c.            NGOs and CBOs

 d.           All of the above

3.            ‘Descriptive Studies’ form of Development Studies primarily deals with:

 a.           Answering the ‘why’ questions which mainly involve developing a causal explanation

 b.           Attempt to determine, describe or identify what is

 c.            Exploring the complexity of social phenomena to gain understanding  

 d.           An approach that systematically investigates a given social situation and promotes democratic change and collaborative participation.

4.            What is/are the methods used for project related studies?

 a.           Quantitative Research Methods

 b.           Qualitative Research Methods

 c.            Participatory Methods

 d.           All of the above

 e.           Only (b) & (c)

5.            The purpose of Applied Research is-

 a.           Determine the effectiveness of human intervention and actions (programmers and policies)

 b.           Understand the nature and sources of human and social problems

 c.            Improving an intervention; a program, policy, organization, or product 

 d.           All of the above

6.            The effectiveness of a national or donor aided training program on small enterprise management for different community groups will be carried out by –

 a.           Action Research

 b.           Formative Research

 c.            Applied Research

 d.           Summative Research

7.            Which of the following is/are the alternative criteria for judging quality and ‘rigour’ of research in development studies?

 a.           Reliability

 b.           Generalizability

 c.            Transferability

 d.           Validity

8.            ‘Misreporting and Imperfect recall’ is a bias in development studies research introduced by-

 a.           The Researched The Research process The Researcher All of the above

 b.           The Researched

 c.            The Research process

 d.           The Researcher All of the above

9. Which among the following is/are suitable for Constructivism Paradigms?

 a.           Often seen in qualitative research approach

 b.           More trust in the participant’s views

 c.            Inquiries starting with a theory

 d.           Only (a) and (b)

10.          Which of the following statement is not suitable in mixed methods research?

 a.           A research movement that moves past the paradigm wars by offering a practical and logical alternative

 b.           It is an attempt to legitimate the use of multiple approaches in answering research questions

 c.            It relies on dogmatism

 d.           It is an expansive and creative form of research.

11.          Which one of the following can be considered as a deliberate bias while doing Development Studies Research?

 a.           Personal values and positionality

 b.           Misreporting and imperfect recall

 c.            Rejection of evidence

 d.           Imperfect access to data

12.          Find the suitable definition for Development Research-Development Work Continuum?

 a.           Approaching development as a result of the complex interaction between many influences

 b.           Bring the relationship between policy-related research, systematic policy management, and political process

 c.            It is a cycle of action-reflection cycles

 d.           All of the above

13.          Which one of the statements is not correct considering action research?

 a.           Emerging tool or approach studying to the problem of the subject collaboratively

 b.           A way of taking immediate action against certain types of research

 c.            A form of inquiry that enables problems to investigate and evaluate their work

 d.           It becomes popular globally as a form of professional learning

14.          Which one of the following statements is not correct while considering ethics in Development Studies and Development Research?

 a.           It is not unethical for a researcher to make a false promise to participants to get information that will contribute to large good

 b.           Need to be protected and honouring trust while engaging with participants

 c.            Participants desire to know the purpose, possible benefits of research

 d.           In such cases, research can use pseudonyms while considering participants’ social security and protection

15.          Which of the following are not the responsibilities of a researcher?

 a.           If researcher need to collaborate with other disciplines, in such cases they should make clear their ethical and professional obligation

 b.           A researcher should discuss with the academic supervisor or project director the potential as well as actual problems which may arise during fieldwork and writing up of the research report

 c.            Development researchers should bear responsibility for the good reputation of discipline and its practitioners

 d.           Considering methods, procedures, content, and reporting of inquiries, behavior in the field and relation should try to ensure that activities do not jeopardize other future

16.          Which of the following statements is/are correct when accountability of research is concerned?

 a.           Research needs to set up the structure to assist in making themselves accountable for their action

 b.           An advisory group for research involving key stockholders can be a good start to constant checks and balances concerning the publication

 c.            Ethical committees that look after the proposal that is provided to them to decide whether the research should be carried or not

 d.           All of the above

17.          Finds the options that most appropriately explain ‘Research Ethics’?

 a.           It states how to draft a research report flawlessly

 b.           It gives the methodology of researching within social norms 

 c.            It governs the prevention of plagiarism

 d.           It provides a common set of dos and don’ts of conducting an ethical research

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