MCQs on private, public sector enterprises class 11

Business Studies MCQs: In this blog post, we have written important MCQs on private, public sector enterprises for class 11 and for other exams.

10 MCQs on private, public sector enterprises

1. …………… consists of a business owned by individuals or a group of individuals.

 Public Sector

 Private Sector

 Service Sector

 None of these

2. ………………. Sector consists of various organizations owned and managed by Government.

 Service Sector

 Private Sector

 Manufacturing Sector

 Public Sector

3. A government company is any company in which the paid-up capital held by the government is not less than

 49 percent

 51 percent

 50 percent

 25 percent

4. Dis-investments of PSE’s implies:

 Investing in new areas

 Closing down private sector/public operations

 Sale of Equity Shares

 Buying shares PSE’s

5. Expand IOC:

 Indian Oil Corporation

 Indian Oil Company

 International Oil Corporation

 International Oil Company

6. Indian economy consists of:

 Only Government Business

 Only Private Business

 Private and Government Owned Business

 None of these

7. Indian economy is …………………

 Closed Economy

 Private Economy

 Mixed Economy

 Fully Developed Economy

8. In the industrial policy resolution ……….. the Government of India has specified the approach towards the development of the industrial sector.





9. PSE’s are organizations owned by:


 Joint Hindu Family

 Foreign Companies

 Private Entrepreneurs

10. Reconstruction of sick public sector units is taken up by:





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