Research methodology MCQ for Ph.D. entrance exam

In this blog post, we have given research methodology MCQs that are useful for the Ph.D. entrance exam.

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Research methodology MCQs

1. The purpose of correlation research is to:

 study the relationship between two or more than two variables

 predict the criterion variable on the basis of predictor variable

 Both (1) and (ii)

 Neither (i) Nor(ii)

2. Which of the following research objectives can be an example of correlational research ?

 To study the relationship between mechanical aptitude and the performance of students in three year diploma in mechanical engineering

 To predict the performance of three years diploma students of mechanical engineering on the basis of their mechanical aptitude

 Both (i) & (ii)

 Neither (i) Nor (ii)

3. Which of the following is an example of directional hypothesis for a correlation study?

 There is no significant correlation between the job stress and job satisfaction of teachers.

 Higher the job stress, lower is the job satisfaction among teachers.

 There exists significant negative correlation between job stress and job satisfaction of teachers

 Both (ii) & (iii)

4. In a study related to job performance of graduates and their performance in class XII and four year degree programme, the criterion variable will be:

 Job performance

 Performance in four year degree programme

 Performance in class XII

 Both (II) and (iii)

5. Correlation can be:




 All of the above

6. Which of the following studies can be classified as ex-post facto research?

 Effect of active learning strategies on the achievement of learners in Software Engineering course.

 Effect of Induction Training Programme on the Teaching Effectiveness of Teachers

 Effect of medium of instruction and place of location of school on the performance in joint entrance examination for engineering programmes.

 Effect of training in creative problem solving on problem solving ability of learners.

7. In ex-post facto studies:

 cause has already occured

 effect has already occured

  Both cause and effect have already occurred

 Neither cause nor effect has already occurred

8. In ex-post facto research, the researcher:

 First selects the two groups with one group possessing the characteristic of interest and another  not possessing the characteristic and then identifies the cause or causes

 First identifies the cause and then selects the groups

 Both (i) and (ii)

 Neither (i) Nor (ii)

9. Ex-post Facto research is preferred over experimental research, when the researcher:

 cannot manipulate the independent variable

 can manipulate the independent variable

 can control the extraneous variables

 can randomly allocate groups to experimental and control group

10. Ex-post facto research aims at establishing:

 True cause and effect relationships

 Tentaive cause and effect relationships

 Both (i) & (ii)

 Neither (i) Nor (ii)

11. Experimental research aims at:

 Establishing plausible cause and effect relationship

 Establishing true cause and effect relationships

 Determining relationships among variables

 Determining status of resources, facilities, opinions etc.

12. Which of the following studies is an example of experimental study?

 Effect of place of residence on the communication and confidence of first year students.

 Effect of active learning strategy on the achievement in the course on soil engineering.

 Effect of training on the teaching effectiveness of teachers in the technical institutions.

 Both (ii) & (iii)

13. A researcher uses intact sections of students to study effect of collaborative activities on the team building and interpersonal skills of final year students of Electronics &Communication Engineering. He will use the:

 True experimental design

 Quasi experimental design

 Pseudo research design

 One group design pretest post test design

14. Pretest Post test control group design involves:

 Random selection of sample  

 Random allotment of treatment to two groups

 Both (i) & (ii)

 Neither (i) Nor (ii)

15. Which of the following could be the objective of  an experimental study?

 To study reactions of alumni regarding the quality of education.

 To determine the degree of utilization of various resources in the degree institutions of J&K.

 To study the effect of collaborative strategies on the team bullding and communication skills of final year students of civil engineering.

 To study the relationship between the gender and attitude towards information & communication technologies.

16. Which of the following are applicable to Action research :

  Undertaken by a practitioner

 Involves a problem  specific to a context

 Findings are implemented by the practitioner

 All of the above

17. The findings of a study undertaken by a teacher to improve student participation in his first year class will be applicable to:

 Students of his institution

 Students of first year in his institution

 Students of his class

 Students of first year of various colleges in the city

18. Internal validity refers to:

 Controlling factors affecting the generalizability of the experiment

 Controlling variables that can cause contamination with in an experiment

 Both(i) and (ii)

 Neither (i) Nor(ii)

19. Which one of the following is NOT a characteristic of action research?

 Data are collected systematically.

 Data are analyzed systematically.

 Findings are generalizable

 Results are used to improve classroom practices

20. The action research process is depicted as spiralling process because:

 The process continues even after data collection and analysis , and actions are taken based on findings.

 Data collection continues during data analysis

 Results are analyzed and used by other researchers to conduct other investigations

 The action researcher continues to study other topics of interest after the initial study is complete.

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More, Research Methodology MCQ with answers

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