Sociology MCQs with answers for classes 11, 12, all

Sociology MCQs with answers: In this post, we have provided important and basics multiple choice questions on Sociology.

These Sociology MCQs are useful for classes 11th, 12th, and others.

Sociology MCQs with answers

There are four options for each MCQ. The answer is bold.

MCQs on An Introduction to Sociology

1. …………… has used the term ‘Social Organization’ to refer to the inter-relations of economic, political, and other divisions of society.

Herbert Spencer

 Emile Durkheim

 Max Weber

 Kinsley Davis

2. ……………… questioned the traditional basis of the construction of human society.

 Russian Revolution

 Industrial Revolution

 French Revolution

 American Revolution

3. According to whom, Action constitutes the subject matter of Sociology.


 Park and Burgess

 Herbert Spencer

August Comte

4. According to whom, Sociology is a study of the social phenomena?

Max Weber

 Emile Durkheim

 Karl Max

 R.K. Merton

5. Application of objective methods of investigation is called …………





6. Positivism is generally associated with:

 Karl Max

 Max Weber

 August Comte

 Emile Durkheim

7. The Study of Social Structure is comparable for :

 The study of Social organization

 The study of human anatomy

The study of culture

 The study of Social Institutions

8. Which of the following is a stable cluster of norms, values, and roles?

 Social Organization

 Social System


 Social Institution

9. Which one of the following is not a characteristic of science?





10. Which perspective is concerned with the understanding of human behavior from the actor’s own frame of reference?

 Conflict Perspective

 Functional Perspective

 Interpretive Perspective (Phenomenology)

 Theoretical Perspective

MCQs on Emergence and Development of Sociology

1. In which year the first all-India census was conducted by the British Government?





2. In which year, the ‘Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal’ was founded:





3. Which German Scholar translated several classical Indian texts into German during the Nineteenth Century?

 Max Weber

 Max Muller

 Walter Hamilton

 Abba Dubois

4. Which society did W.H.R. Rivers study?

 Andaman Islanders


 Syrian Christians

 Munda and Oraon

5. Who among the following has examined in theoretical terms the interaction of the Indian tradition and modernity?

 I.P. Desai

 K.M. Kapadia

Yogendra Singh

 T.N. Madam

6. Who among the following has identified three stages of Human Society?



August Comte

 Max Weber

7. Who among the following is the editor of ‘Village India’?

 S. C. Dube

 M.N. Srinivas


McKim Marriott

8. Who has studied the nature of kinship and family of Kashmir Pandits?

T.N. Madan

 A.M. Shah

 R.N. Saxena

 D. N. Majumdar

9. Who is considered as “Father of Sociology”?

 Saint Simon

 Max Weber


August Comte

10. Who is the author of “The Elementary Forms of Religious Life”?

 Max Weber

 Emile Durkheim

 Robert Redfield

 Herbert Spencer

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