MCQs on Environmental Pollution with answers

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In this blog post, we have provided MCQs on Environmental Pollution with answers. The answers are bold.

MCQs on Environmental Pollution

1. Three Mile Island in the USA, a famous nuclear power plants disaster occurred in the year:





2. The biological damage resulting from ionizing radiation is termed as:

 Genetic Damage

 Somatic Damage

 Tissues Damage

 Radiation Damage

3. Plastic bags, industrial wastes as chemical residues, metallic and nuclear waste, agricultural wastes are the main source of :

 Soil Erosion

 Air Pollution

 Thermal Pollution

Soil Pollution

4. Thermal pollution of water bodies is due to:

 Discharge of agricultural runoff

 Discharge of chemicals from industries

 Discharge of waste from mining

 Discharge of hot water from power plants

5. Discharge of hot water increase water temperature and decrease dissolved oxygen in water bodies which adversely affects aquatic life are the features of :

 Water Pollution

 Ground Water Pollution

 Thermal Pollution


6. According to WHO (World Health Organization), how much intensity of noise is recommended during …………………. by day and ………………. by night.

 90dB, 120dB

 45dB, 35dB

 50dB, 90dB

 105dB and 140dB

7. A woman frequently used wood and coal for cooking food and suffering from respiratory problems. This is because of pollutants of:

 NO and N2O


 CO and CO2


8. If there was no carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere, the temperature of the earth would be :

 Same as present

 Dependent on the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere

 Less than the present

 Higher than present

9. Choose the correct statement:

Fly ash may cause heavy metal pollution in water bodies.

 Minamata disease results from the accumulation of arsenic in the atmosphere.

 Genetic damage caused by radiations takes place in cells not associated with reproduction.

 Lead poisoning causes tuberculosis.

 Black lung disease is also known as Itai-Itai disease.

10. In Indian cities like NOIDA and Ghaziabad, a major air pollutant is:





1. A person lost his/her appetite, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea accompanied by fever, dark-colored urine, and pale-yellow colored eyes and skin. Which disease does he suffer from?



 Infective Hepatitis


2. If you are residing near a mining site where asbestos is quarrying and lots of dust is spreading all over the area. Due to this which possible disease can you suffer from?





3. Asthma is a :

 Liver disorder obstructing secretion of bile

 Allergic disorder in lungs

 Stomach disorder due to intake of excess food

 Throat disorder causing cough and cold

4. A person having an intestinal disorder leading to epigastric pain, abdominal discomfort, loss of appetite, headache, and loose bowels. This person is suffering from :

 Amoebic Dysentery




5. One unplanned /aggregation of hutment does not have clean drinking water. The people of this area will suffer diseases like:





6. Heavy metals enter into the water body through:



 Burning of Organic Material

 Soil Erosion

7. Unregulated growth of habitations, inadequate infrastructure facilities, lack of proper facilities for collective transportation, poor waste disposal are contributing to increase causing:

 Water-Borne Disease

 Sanitary Problems

 Pollution Hazards

 Health Hazards

8. Water borne diseases are :

 Rabies, Tuberculosis, and Measles

 Tuberculosis, Bilharzia, and Diarrhea

 Cholera, Dysentery, and Typhoid

 AIDS, Leprosy, and Dengue

9. Which one of the following statements is not a correct statement?

Sound levels in the range of 25-60dBfor more than eight hours are harmful to the human ear.

 Battery scraps contain lead

 The atmosphere of asbestos mines is responsible for causing asbestosis

 Polluted water is the cause of gastrointestinal disorders

10. Health of a person is the result of the interaction of:

 Genetic and behavioral influence

 Environmental and behavioral influence

Genetic, environmental, and behavioral influence

 Genetic and environmental influence

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