Applied thermodynamics multiple choice questions with answers

Get important and free Applied thermodynamics multiple choice questions with answers. In this blog post, you will get multiple-choice questions on Applied thermodynamics. In the previous post (Set 1), we posted 28 MCQs. This is set 2. Set 1: Applied Thermodynamics MCQ Set 2: Applied thermodynamics multiple-choice questions 1. Among the following statements, which one … Read more

Applied Thermodynamics MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Applied Thermodynamics MCQ: Get the most important Multiple Choice Questions on Applied Thermodynamics. Top Applied Thermodynamics MCQ 1. Which one of the following represents an open thermodynamic system?   (A) Manual ice cream freezer  (B) Centrifugal pump  (C) pressure cooker  (D) Bomb calorimeter  2. The property of a thermodynamic system is a path function.   (A) TRUE  … Read more