Vedic age MCQs for all classes, exams

History MCQs: We are providing Vedic age MCQs in this post. All the multiple-choice questions are provided with answers. These Vedic age MCQs are useful for UPSC, SSC, and for all the classes. MCQs on Vedic age in History 1. The Rigveda is a collection of 1,028 hymns divided into 10 mandalas. They are the … Read more

Harappan civilization MCQs for class 11th, 12th, exams

In this blog post, we have provided important MCQs on Harappan civilization in history. These Harappan civilization quizzes are useful for classes 11th, 12th, and all the competitive exams. Harappan civilization MCQs 1.¬†One of the towns found in this civilization has been identified as a dockyard meant for berthing ships and handling cargo- Lothal Kalibangan … Read more