Human resource planning and development MCQ

Human resource planning and development MCQ: In this blog post, we have given another set of Multiple choice questions on HRD (Human Resource Development). These MCQs on HRD are important for exams like UPSC, SSC, PSC, etc;

Set 1: MCQ on Human Resource Development with answers

Set 2: Solved Human resource planning and development MCQs

1. Which of the following helps to produce learning, behavioral change, and growth in the trainee/participant for the client’s economic benefit that employs the trainee/participant? 

a. mentoring 

b. coaching 

c. counseling 

d. self-paced learning 

2. Which of the following is not a benefit of coaching? 

a. building trust and enhancing loyalty 

b. increased jo satisfaction 

c. enhancing individual performance and teamwork 

d. strengthening communication 

3. Which of the following lasts for a longer period and short-term or duration, respectively? 

a. mentoring and coaching 

b. counseling and mentoring 

c. coaching, counseling 

d. training and coaching. 

4. Which of the following best explains coaching and mentoring? 

a. coaching is to improve individual performance on the job and mentoring learning job-related skills 

b. coaching is to improve individual performance on the job, and mentoring is development driven 

c. coaching is development driven mentoring is to improve individual performance 

d. coaching is to improve performance on the job, and mentoring is also to improve performance but with leadership quality. 

5. Conceptual framework for understanding coaching has antecedents, process, proximal outcomes, and distal outcomes. Which of the following is a part of the process in this framework? 

a. organizational support 

b. individual success 

c. learning 

d. feedback receptivity 

6. Behavioral change is the outcome of which of the following option considering a conceptual framework for understanding coaching.  

a. antecedents 

b. process 

c. proximal outcomes 

d. distal outcomes 

7. What is the first step of coaching to improve an individual’s poor performance? 

a. Responding to poor performance 

b. Defining poor performance 

c. Conducting a coaching analysis 

d. Finding the poor performer and its cause 

8. Which of the following best represents an explanation of absolute performance? 

a. same scale or standard applied to all subordinates 

b. multiple scales or standards applied to all subordinates 

c. performance evaluated relative to the performance of others 

d. Performance evaluated relative to the prior performance of the same individual 

9. Which of the following activity is a production deviation considering deviant workplace behavior? 

a. Sabotage 

b. gossiping 

c. stealing 

d. leaving early 

10. Sabotage is which type of workplace deviant behavior? 

a. Production deviance 

b. Property deviance 

c. Political deviance 

d. Personal aggression 

11. Which of the following is not a critical success factor for coaching? 

a. conditions 

b. commitment 

c. challenge 

d. clarity 

12. Which is the first step to identify the unsatisfactory performance while conducting a coaching analysis  

a. find out if the worker knows that their work is not satisfactory 

b. decide if it’s worth YOUR time and effort 

c. does the worker know what is to be done? 

d. are these obstacles beyond the worker’s control 

13. Which of the following statement is correct in the context of Kinlaw’s approach? 

a. mutually agree on actions to be taken 

b. a follow-up to measure results 

c. get an agreement with the worker that a problem exists 

d. using reactions to develop information 

14. Which of the following is the correct set of four factors of Grow model? 

a. goal, reality, options, will. 

b. goal, responsibility, options, will. 

c. goal, reality, opportunity, will. 

d. goal, reality, options, worth. 

15. Which of the following are characteristics of a goal based on the Grow model? 

a. commit to action 

b. offer suggestions 

c. agree on objectives of session 

d. test assumptions and history 

Set 1: MCQ on Human Resource Development with answers

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