Quiz questions and answers on Deforestation

Environmental Science MCQs: In this blog post (MCQs on Deforestation), we have provided important Quiz questions and answers on Deforestation.

Deforestation MCQs in Environmental Science are useful for classes 11th, 12th, and other competitive exams.

Quiz questions and answers on Deforestation

1. Clouded leopard is paced in ……………….. species in Red Data Book.





2. A systematic phenomenon resulting from excessive felling of trees which manifest itself in the loss of fertility, high wind velocity, low precipitation, increasing aridity, and extreme temperature in any affected areas is known as:


 Biodiversity Loss


 Land Slide

3. Fuel wood, urbanization, developmental project, agriculture, shifting cultivation, and industry are the major causes of:


 Construction of Pasture


 Intensive Agriculture

4. In which year tree plantation or Van-Mahotsav was started by the then Agriculture Minister Dr. Kanhaiya Lal Maniklal Munshi, Govt. of India





5. According to the National Forest Policy in India, how much percentage area should be available as forest cover?





6. The most renowned example of extinct species is :

 The Great Indian Bustard

Passenger Pigeon

 Clouded Leopard

 Lion-Tailed Monkey

7. Tehri Power project is situated in :

 Uttar Pradesh




8. Which one of the following is not a correct statement?

 Hunting and poaching are one of the main causes of biodiversity loss.

 Soil erosion is the result of deforestation.

 About 40% of all the drugs used throughout the world have active ingredients extracted from plants and animals.

 The slash and burn method of farming is different from shifting cultivation

9. A complex ecosystem consisting mainly of trees that support myriad forms of life is known as :






10. Which one of the following is not responsible for causing land degradation :

 Fuel Wood Consumption

 Agricultural Mismanagement

 Urbanization and Industrialization

 Tree Plantation/Afforestation

MCQs on Human Societies

1. Slums are a common feature of the cities in:

 Developed Countries

 Developing Countries

 Gulf Countries

 EU Countries

2. Sewage from domestic section and industrial effluents are usually discharged without any treatment causing:

 Foul Smell

 Breeding of Mosquitoes and Flies

 Pollution of Rivers and Lakes

 Soil Pollution

 Causes of Flood

3. Occupation of urban society are:



 Working in Office and Industries

 Security Services

 All the above

4. Growing more crops on a small piece of land is known as ………………

 Sustainable Agriculture

 Modern Agriculture

Intensive Agriculture

 Traditional Agriculture

5. Market, dwelling units, brick houses, religious institutions are the features of _________.



 Town and Cities


6. Hunters, gatherers, herders, and adventures set up camps for a limited period of time is known as:


 Temporary Settlement


 Rural Settlement

7. Which is the largest slum in Asia?

 Orange Town, Karachi

Dharavi, Mumbai

 Kibera, Nairobi

Neza Chalco- Itza, Mexico City

8. Select one permanent settlement from the following:





9. Write the term used for “clusters of huts or homes” in parts of cities that often lack adequate sunlight and fresh air.

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10. Primitive humans moved from the ‘hunter-gatherer stage’ to a shelter’s life once they discovered it.

 Security of living in a group

 Mobility with the discovery of the wheel


 After the discovery of the fire

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