Multiple choice questions on environmental pollution

Environmental Science MCQs: In this post, we have provided multiple-choice questions on environmental pollution with answers.

These Environmental MCQs (Degradation of Natural Environment MCQs) are useful for all the classes and all the major competitive exams.

Multiple choice questions on environmental pollution

1. A system of cultivation that involves clearing of forests and burning the fallen trees to clear the land for raising crops is known as:

 Shift cultivation

 Intensive farming

 Terrace cultivation

 Subsistence cultivation

2. Excessive burning of coal, wood, and petrol releases gases like SO2, NOx, Co, and hydrocarbons. These gases can be categorized as

 Green House Gases

 Natural Gases

 Bio Gas


3. Extinction of wildlife species is on the rise because their natural habitat is being destroyed due to deforestation. Whether this statement is



4. Major causes for deforestation are:




 All the above

5. One area is lack of basic amenities and filth environment and rate potential conditions for public health problems is known as:

 Blighted Area




6. Out of the following back lack can be placed as local environmental backlash:

 Acid Rain

 Salinization of Irrigated Soil


 Biodiversity Loss

7. Out of the following which one includes as a regional backlash



 The collapse of marine fisheries

 Ozone layer depletion

8. Stress-related disease is :

 Hyper Tension

 Heat Stroke

 Heart Attack


9. Which chemical is responsible for Minamata disease?





10. Which one belongs to global backlash?

 Minamata Disease

 Extinction of wildlife species

 Green House Effect

 Oil spill

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