Origin of Earth and Evolution of the Environment MCQs

Origin of Earth and Evolution of the Environment MCQs: Get free access to the multiple-choice questions of Geography and Environmental Sciences.

In this blog post, we have written important MCQs on the Origin of Earth and the Evolution of the Environment, Environment and Human Society. These MCQs are useful for classes 11th, 12th, UPSC exams, and other competitive exams.

MCQs on Origin of Earth and Evolution of the Environment

1. A planet is much smaller than the earth, cold and dark with its surface frozen methane. Name the planet.





2. Galaxies are made up of :

 A small group of millions of stars

 A huge group of millions of stars

 Small groups of hundreds of asteroids

 Huge groups of satellites

3. Name the theory which is widely accepted for the origin of the universe

 Big Bang theory

 Cosmological theory

 Gravitation theory

 Heliocentric theory

4. One of the peculiar features which are found on the earth for supporting life?



 High temperature

 Gluey liquid

5. The oldest fossils of bacteria which were the first living organisms on earth have been found in rocks.  These are ………….. billion years old.





6. What is the approximate temperature of the center of the earth or core?

 1200 o C

 3000o C



7. What is the chronological order of four eras?

 Precambrian -> Cenozoic -> Mesozoic ->Paleozoic

 Cenozoic -> Mesozoic ->Paleozoic -> Precambrian

 Precambrian ->Paleozoic -> Mesozoic -> Cenozoic

Paleozoic -> Cenozoic -> Mesozoic -> Precambrian

8. What is the ideal pH for the survival of life on earth?





9. When was the universe originated?

 Approximately 5 billion years ago

 Approximately 5 to 10 billion years ago

 Approximately 15 to 20 billion years ago

 Approximately 5 million years ago

MCQs on Environment and Human Society

1. Establishment of agrarian societies, engaged people for selling surplus produce, people got busy with an occupation other than are the features of:

 Technical Development

 Economic Development

 Social Development

 Political Development

2. First wheeled vehicles were a Chariot which was a two-wheeled cart pulled by :





3. Foragers means:

 Hunting Animals

 Pluck Flowers

 Uproot Plants

 Searchers for food

4. Making wheels, constructing buildings, mining ores to make tools and ornaments were the first step towards industrialization. Whether this statement :



5. Pebbles tools with a flake remained for making cutting edge belongs to:

 Homo Habilis

 Homo Erectus

 Homo Sapiens Neandertalensis


6. The animals that were used for carrying goods from one place to another are known as:

 Mulching Animals

 Live Stock

 Draught Animals

 Farm Animals

7. We used to call primitive humans hunters and gatherers because they

 Uproots plants for edible roots

 Pluck fruits and vegetables

 Pick up pebbles

 Make tools and hunt animals

 All the above

8. When was a human being evolve on this earth?

 About 1 billion years ago

 More than 2 million years ago

 10000 years ago

 1 million years ago

9. Which one species of primitive humans is known as better toolmakers?

 Homo Habilis

Homo Erectus

 Homo Sapiens Neandertalensis


10. Which part of the world had come out bronze age and entered into the Iron age?

 Eastern Asia

 Western Asia

 Northern Asia

 Southern Asia

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