Solved MCQs on library and information science

Library and Information Science: In this blog post, we have provided important MCQs related to Library & information science subjects.

We have covered various subjects that fall under the library and information science.

The multiple-choice questions (Quiz) on Library and Information science are very useful for the students who are dealing with the subject (Library and information science).

MCQs on library and information science

1. ………………. collect, organise and store numerical data pertaining to a specific subject.


 Information centres

 Data centres


2. A document providing a broader view of a subject is called ……………….





3. Due to the availability of LAN and WAN, there is no need to visit the library by the users and thus their time is saved.



4. Human thoughts are made available in the form of ……………

 Books and Periodicals

 Manuscripts and Audio-visual records

 Graphs, charts, maps, CD-ROM and DVD

 a and b above

 a, b and c of the above

5. Libraries provide macro- documents to their users, whereas information centres provide micro-documents to their users.



6. Library promotes ……………….. for books.





7. The basic functions of a library have not undergone any change even after adopting modern technologies.



8. The use of the library by the people makes them ……………..  citizens of the society.

 Well informed




9. What is a place where library materials are stored and are readily available on request called?

 Data bank


 Clearing House

 Information Centre

10. Who describes the library as a public institution charged with the collection of books to make these accessible for users?

Melvil Dewey

 A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

 E.J. Coates

S.R. Ranganathan

MCQs on Types of library

1. Categorization of libraries emerged due to ………………..

 The increasing number of users

 The enormous number of information resources in all disciplines

 Demands for varied kind of information

 b and c of the above

 a, b and c of the above

2. Academic libraries are those that support activities of ………………..

 Educational institutions

 Research and development

 Business and industry

 General public

3. The library which serves as a permanent depository for all publications issued in the country is a …………….

 Public library

 University library

 National library

 School library

4. A public library is a …………… library established for the use of the general public and maintained by public funds.





5. A photocopying service of pages from books or journals available to users in a library is called …………… service.





6. A special library acquires a special collection and renders specialized information and documentation services to specialized users.



7. Which category of libraries serve the students, teachers and research scholars?





8. In which city of India, Central Secretariat Library is located?



 New Delhi


9. Responsive information service is the service provided by libraries in anticipation of the demands from the users.



10. Which service enables the user of a library to borrow books that are owned by another library?

 Inter-library loan




MCQs on Modern library/ digital library

1. Which area of application in ILMS (Integrated Library Management System) refers to acquiring, processing and maintaining periodicals in a library?

 Circulation Control

 Serials Control



2. Web OPAC is similar to OPAC in Searching and Browsing



3. An automated library consists of materials that are organised in a virtual space using computers and computer networks.



4. Need for Automation arises due to

 Improve the quality of services

 Participate in easy resource sharing

Literature explosion and Information overloads


5. Library Automation helps in the interaction of ………….. with the system.


 Literature Explosion

 Scattering of Information

 Optimum Utilization

6. Full form of ILMS

 Integrated Management Library System

 Integrated Library Management System

 Information Library Management System

 Indian Library Management System

7. An Automated Library eliminates …………….. tasks.



 Library Collection


8. Full form of DLI

 Delhi Library of India

 Daily Library of India

Digital Library of India

 Digital India Library

9. The activities related to acquiring, processing and maintaining periodicals in a library is called ………….



 Serials Control


10. A virtual library is a library that has no ……………. and it is without any physical collection.





More MCQs on Library and Information Science

1. The implications of the Second Law of Library Science are …………..

 Library location, Library hours and Library furniture

The State, Library Authority, Library Staff and Readers

 Open access, Shelf arrangement and Catalogue

 Growth in size, readers and staff

2. Three time-saving devices according to the Fourth Law of Library Science are …………..

 Open Access, Reference service and Stack room guides

 Stack area, Circulation area and Reading room area

 Library Hours, Book selection and Library staff

 Easy access, Reference service and Library Display

3. Every library grows in size with regard to ……………..

 Library Services, Staff and Book display

 Book selection, library hours and more Finances

The library building, growth of Readers and growth of Staff

 Library automation, issue methods and Location

4. Who revised Ranganathan’s Five Laws in 1992?

 Jim Thompson

 Carol Simpson

 Michael Gorman


5. The Sixth Law as devised by James R. Retting is ……………..

 Every user his or her web resources

 Every web resource its user

 Every reader his library

Every reader his freedom

6. …………………. helps in achieving the objectives of the Third Law of Library Science.

 Reference Service

 Open Access System

 Library Catalogue

 Classified arrangement of books

7. Which Law of Library Science calls for the classified arrangement of books in the stack room?

 First Law

 Second Law

 Third Law

 Fourth Law

8. Who had suggested two supplementary (6th and 7th) Laws to Ranganathan’s Five Laws?

Kuronen and Pekkarinen

Goreman and Crawford

Neelameghan and Bhattacharya

 Simpson and Thompson

9. The Book selection criterion should meet the requirements of present and potential users.



10. Modern libraries which are automated fail to fulfil the Five Laws of Library Science.



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